A Team Approach to Translational Science

Success doesn’t just come from a winning idea or an exciting new concept.  Success comes from having a dedicated team behind that idea, with the enthusiasm and commitment to drive it from concept to clinic.

The people behind the peptide

At BRIM, our team of translational scientists are the discovery engine driving forward our mission to bring transformational treatments to patients sooner. A concept alone cannot bridge the gap between research and clinical development – ​​this takes tremendous amounts of dedication and expertise in the science, planning , study design, technology, regulations, and more. Bringing together experts across science, engineering, and technology, our global team integrates decades of experience in relevant fields including pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs, marketing and IP portfolio.

Dedication from day one

BRIM Biotechnology has been built on the commitment and expertise instilled by its founders – Haishan Jang and Frank Lee, now CEO and CSO respectively. They have over 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry between them. With their strong history of senior management positions at With high profile pharmaceutical companies, including Sanofi, J&J, and DuPont Pharma, and contribution to the development of many leading drugs, BRIM’s expertise in translational science is the foundation of its rapid success.

The collective translational scientist

A successful translational scientist needs both depth and breadth of expertise, with a thorough understanding of all the many disciplines and processes involved in taking a concept from the lab to the clinic. At BRIM, each of our team members is an expert in an invaluable piece of the whole drug development process, and we bring together this expertise to create our lead technology platform: Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF) derived Short Peptide (PDSP), which opens up exciting possibilities for wound healing and tissue regeneration due to its ability to enhance cell proliferation.

Our leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of graduates from respected institutes around the world with degrees in toxicology, pharmacy, biochemistry, science finance and more. Dr. Yi-chun Maria Chen (VP of Business Development) is a cellular immunologist, specializing in the study of T cell and B cell activities, with almost 10 years of marketing experience. Erin Chang (VP of Portfolio Department) and Su Lin (VP of Operation Department) have almost 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Erin brings expertise in the discovery and clinical development of biologics, peptides, and special dosage new drugs, and Su brings experience in regulatory affairs and labelling. This is complimented by Ben Wu’s (VP ​​of Finance Department) 20+ years of experience in financial management.

Our senior scientists

With over 130 years of experience in total, our senior scientists combine diverse specialist areas to drive BRIM’s mission forward. Dr. Carl Alden, a veterinarian by training, brings toxicology and pathology experience, and Dr. Wayne Liaw specialises in drug formulations and CMC. This is combined with Dr. Conrad Tou’s statistics & data management expertise and Dr. Chyau Liang’s background in international patents, strategy analysis, and IP management, to create the diverse drug discovery engine that drives forward the science behind BRIM.

Our translational science expertise, and our committed team including our Senior Fellows are the driving force behind our innovative PDSP platform, which underpins our growing pipeline. We look forward to meeting potential collaboration partners at this year’s BIO Conference, to accelerate the commercialisation of our lead asset BRM421 for Dry Eye Disease.

I do think the integrity of the team is something very special in this sector. Integrity plays a central role in the company’s philosophy, practice, and day to day life

Dr. Wen Chyi Shyu, Scientific Board Member & VP of Global Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics at Takeda.