Corporate Sustainability

Our commitment to people and the planet

The industry to which the Company belongs is engaged in biotechnology research and development and is not subject to ISO 14001 or similar environmental management system verification; however, for the operation of the industrial characteristics, an environmental protection organization structure is established. The environmental protection measures and operation management of the laboratory have been formulated to be followed and contain clear waste management policies.

The Company belongs to the biotechnology research and development industry, mainly in laboratories, and does not use energy that has a large load on the environment. To improve the efficiency of energy utilization, the use of recycled materials with low impact on the environment is mainly applied in office paper, including double-sided printing, reverse paper usage, and a choice of recyclable paper grades.

Because BRIM’s business focuses on biotechnology innovation of technology platforms and drug development based majorly on scientists’ brain power, the characteristics of the industry consume less energy and emit less carbon and therefore will not aggravate climate change, or be affected by it. The extreme weather currently happening around the globe will not affect BRIM’s research and development capabilities soon, and there is no negative impact on BRIM’s finance and business. Climate change has minimal potential risk to BRIM. Even so, everyone is a member of the global village, so the climate issue is a proposition that requires full attention regardless of the industry. We hope to fulfill our responsibility as Earth citizens to create a sustainable environment by protecting our surroundings where we coexist. However, in recent years, the earth we live in is indeed facing increasingly treacherous climate change, which is also a common issue that must be faced. Corresponding measures include video conferencing to reduce air pollution caused by traffic, reuse of consumables, compartmentalization of conference rooms to save electricity and energy consumption, and energy zone management, to do our part. Severe climate change may, nevertheless, be detrimental to certain diseases and increase the need for new treatments. BRIM is committed to accelerating the development of drugs to meet unmet medical needs.